Jyrgalan Yurt Lodge ski tour camera is back online

Finally the web camera at Jyrgalan valley is back online. We had a huge renovation at the site since the September and had to turn off the camera. 

Jyrgalan Yurt Lodge - back country skiing splitboarding and skitour
Jyrgalan Yurt Lodge, December 2018

Overall we have 4th yurt set up at our area and now we have 3 client yurts, in the spring we will add one more yurt which means that in summer you can choose to stay from 3 private yurts and one shared.

As for mid-December snow status – there is around 35-45cm of snow at the snowmobile-supported back country skiing area and yesterday we had a group from Kazakhstan who enjoyed the snowboarding at this area.

The plans for upcoming season are huge and awesome, check them out:

  • New lodge at the upper Jyrgalan valley at 2900m – named Jyrgalan Heights Yurt lodge – done, details coming soon
  • New lodge at the Tyup valley at 2300m – named Jyrgalan-Tyup Yurt Lodge – in the process of setup
  • Personal windguru weather station at the Jyrgalan Yurt Lodge site – done
  • Explore snowkiting possibilities at Jyrgalan valley – coming soon
  • New website dedicated to the back country yurt skiing in Kyrgyzstan – SKIYURT.KGcoming soon

Aksuu backcountry yurt camp: 10 days summary

This is it. Spent almost a week to set up the camp, broke one URAL truck and burned almost 200+ liter of diesel. We made our way up to the yurt site with a 6WD URAL truck and 2 tractors.

Unfortunately I had to leave the yurt site to celebrate the New Year holidays with family, but our team and guides had a good fun up there. Check out some photos from last 10 days: yurts, new year night and touring to explore nice slopes around the camp area.

Skiing the nearby slopes at Aksuu camp
Skiing the nearby slopes at Aksuu camp

Конкурс от бэккантри и фрирайд лагеря Ак-Суу, Каракол

Каракол фрирайд

Успей принять участие в отличном конкурсе! Мечтаешь попробовать настоящее бэккантри в Караколе, Киргизия? Тогда тебе самое время узнать о нашем бэккантри и фрирайд лагере Ак-Суу! Информация о конкурсе доступна на странице правил, сам конкурс проходит в нашей группе ВК.

TK website and a new winter tour!

Hello everyone, well it’s just a few days since we’ve launched our website. Not much information yet, but we are trying to publish some winter tours we can offer at the moment.

kyrgyzstan top mountain

A couple of days ago we have published a winter snowmobile tour which is offered only at Karakol areas, basically the main riding spot located nearby the Karakol ski resort. You can check the tour details at the dedicated karakol snowmobile tours page.

Big thanks to all of our friends who are helping us with their positive vibes! 🙂