Jyrgalan Tyup Yurt Lodge

This location is not running for the winter season of 2022/2023.

The main Jyrgalan Village area is too crowded for you? Tired of seeing the ski tracks made not by your group members? Well then we have something special that worth a visit. A new Jyrgalan Tyup Yurt Lodge (JTYL) is located 9 km from the village at the altitude of 2300 m right by the bank of the Tyup river.

A completely new for 2019 season location which never been reachable by back country skiers at Jyrgalan before. Consist of 2 national Kyrgyz yurts custom handmade for us to serve in winters at high altitudes, sauna, kitchen and WCs.

JTYL details

  • altitude 2300m
  • located at neighbor valley named Tyup and easily accessible from Jyrgalan Yurt Lodge
  • approx 9km from the Jyrgalan village = complete wilderness and guarantee you won’t meet any other groups
  • a choice of more advanced slopes/lines then at the Jyrgalan village
  • 1 client yurt, 1 kitchen/dining yurt, sauna, all meals included
  • no cell network coverage at the site, but Megacom network works 500m up to the South (voice only), no wifi
  • 220V output with generator available in mornings and evenings
  • transfer with snowmobiles from Jyrgalan Yurt Lodge and back (towing)
  • you can have a self-travel between yurt lodges at Jyrgalan if you want

Pricing and Bookings

Build your personal package 

Choose the desired amount of nights you want to stay at Jyrgalan Tyup Yurt lodge. We will provide you with additional discount if you will stay for a week or more.

below 6 persons * $130 per night
6 or more, 12 max special price

* minimum 2 persons for 2 nights