Kyrgyzstan backcountry skiing videos

Here you can find a collection of videos with a mention of Aksuu Backcountry Skiing Yurt Lodge and Snowmobile-assisted backcountry skiing running by Travel Kyrgyzstan. Some videos may be inaccessible in some countries.

2021 Go Explore (vidéo) : l’aventure freeride d’Aurélien Ducroz en terre kirghize
Aurélien Ducroz continue son exploration de l’Asie-centrale. Avec ses compères Romain Grojean et Eric Gachet, le double champion du monde de ski freeride est parti explorer les montagnes du Kirghizistan.

DPS SKIS Cinematic // The Shadow Campaign // Song For The Nomad
Filmed at Aksuu Yurt Lodge and some other locations Kazakhstan backcountry team and late-spring skiing at Aksuu yurt lodge.

Travellers with Skis telling their story about the country and Aksuu yurt lodge.

A four days ski traverse – a great adventure

Some Aksuu yurt lodge and Jyrgalan snowmobile skiing footage.

A timelapse movie about Kyrgyzstan, a few scenes from Aksuu Yurt Lodge

Snowmobile assisted backcountry skiing in Karakol gorge – place called The Wet Hollow