Skiing and snowboarding in Barskoon during May


Well, this was our first spring we had a chance to try the snowmobiles at the 4200m! We had a plan to set the spring camp up there, but not much people are coming this way and we simply used our weekends to have some fun!

We have explored a few great spots with a really long runs and a various types of slopes. Basically all areas are around the glaciers. We plan to provide a few days tours during Spring 2014, feel free to contact us for more details.

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Great Karakol & areas review

Kostya and Marat explored the Kyrgyzstan like noone did before 😀 Check out their video. Basically this is a short winter review of all spots you can visit around the Karakol city. The video includes: Karakol resort, Karakol gorge snowmobile tours, Chon-Jergez snowmobile and backcountry tour, Boz-Uchuk horse transfer backcountry tour, Inilchek and Saruu hot springs, Barskoon gorge backcountry (about 4200m), Turgen-Aksuu backcountry and some paragliding at the ski resort.

TK website and a new winter tour!

Hello everyone, well it’s just a few days since we’ve launched our website. Not much information yet, but we are trying to publish some winter tours we can offer at the moment.

kyrgyzstan top mountain

A couple of days ago we have published a winter snowmobile tour which is offered only at Karakol areas, basically the main riding spot located nearby the Karakol ski resort. You can check the tour details at the dedicated karakol snowmobile tours page.

Big thanks to all of our friends who are helping us with their positive vibes! 🙂