Snow status update for Aksuu Backcountry Skiing Yurt Lodge

As said in the previous post – this winter is quite poor for snow in the Northern Kyrgyzstan. At this date (Jan 18, 2018) we have around 40-45cm of snow at the Aksuu Backcountry Skiing yurt lodge site and around 50-60cm at the higher-altitude slopes. See some photos below.


Gallery update for Aksuu BC skiing yurt lodge 2016

After one week at the Aksuu backcountry skiing yurt lodge we have done a lot of small upgrades all over the camp. We have a slackline and swing now. New sauna looks and feels so great. We already had a couple snow dumps since beginning of November.

Check the gallery below.


Travelers With Skis at Aksuu Backcountry Skiing Yurt Lodge, Kyrgyzstan

We had a very special guests on March 2015. Travelers With Skis team came to visit Aksuu Backcountry Skiing Yurt Lodge, try out our camp life and shred the slopes all around. Check out the 15 min long video which will motivate you to make a step our of this world for a while and find the feeling of real freedom.

Aksuu Backcountry Yurt Lodge is ready for 2015/2016 season!

This season we started earlier to avoid difficulties connected with the transportation of all camp stuff and yurts. The way up to the Aksuu Backcountry Yurt Lodge site took just 3 hours with 2 military soviet URAL trucks compared to 3 days last years late December. We are already running, welcome.


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Wanna go heliskiing?

Heliskiing kyrgyzstan, aksuu, karakol

Terskey-Alatoo heliskiing around Karakol. Nice offer from our partners – BC camp Irdyk.

You can book a week in the camp which includes daily heli service. The package price is $3850 USD, entry date is Feb 9th 2015. The package includes: heli service, transfer from Karakol and back, full board meals, national yurts staying and a sauna.

No problem if you don’t want to go for a full package. A single day heliskiing price is $550 USD. The price includes transfer service from Karakol and back.

Contact us to book a heliskiing adventure in Kyrgyzstan.


Great Karakol & areas review

Kostya and Marat explored the Kyrgyzstan like noone did before 😀 Check out their video. Basically this is a short winter review of all spots you can visit around the Karakol city. The video includes: Karakol resort, Karakol gorge snowmobile tours, Chon-Jergez snowmobile and backcountry tour, Boz-Uchuk horse transfer backcountry tour, Inilchek and Saruu hot springs, Barskoon gorge backcountry (about 4200m), Turgen-Aksuu backcountry and some paragliding at the ski resort.

Powder perfect: splitboarding at Ichke-Jergez, Kyrgyzstan

Photo by Dan Milner
Photo by Dan Milner

Last year the 40tribes yurt site had some nice guests like a great photographer Dan Milner (the Deep movie), a great traveler Tristan Kennedy and numerous pro-rides. It’s been a while, but here is a great article by Tristan describing Kyrgyzstan backcountry experience!